Saudi Arabia Salman left his $16 million Jewelry kit in China

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman, who was on an official tour in Asia, has left China to head back to his kingdom, but left behind a jewelry box that contains items worth over $16 million.

Hotel management says the King did not gift anyone the jewelries and as such he might have forgotten to pick it when leaving.

The Saudi Arabian Ambassador in China has been notified but says he “cannot take possession of the box until further instructions from the King”. According to the ambassador, it could be a deliberate attempt by the King to show his appreciation to the hotel staff or China as a whole.

The 18-carat gold box contains jewelries worth over $16 million

Saudi Arabia’s octogenarian monarch, who has overseen the launch of an ambitious economic reform plan since his accession two years ago, was on a month-long tour of Asia that took him to Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan and China.

The visits to countries that are some of world’s biggest importers of Saudi oil aim to promote investment opportunities in the kingdom, including the sale of a stake in national oil company Saudi Aramco.

Asia also figures in the kingdom’s plans for military cooperation, with Malaysia and Indonesia listed as members of a Saudi-led Islamic Military Alliance formed just over a year ago.

In China, King Salman oversaw the signing of deals worth as much as $65 billion on the first day of his visit there on Thursday.

He was due to visit the Maldives on Saturday, but the visit was postponed due to a local outbreak of flu, the government of the Indian Ocean archipelago said on Friday.



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